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Monday in bullets: 

  • Unfortunately, Melissa, only a shred remained. I originally had to park my car around the block from school (parking is awful) and I realized just how impossible it would be to carry all my stuff and hold down my skirt. I learned this lesson the hard way. I figured it was better not to flash the students and parents so I got back in my car and snagged a “visitor” spot near the entrance to school. Oiy. 
  • Michelle Monday made its return this week. As a result, my arms feel like noodles. In a good way…?
  • The gym was packed today. Treadmills, weights, machines, bikes, everything. And mostly with attractive men. Where did they come from and where have they been hiding? 
  • There are too many Girl Scout cookies left. Teachers are trying to stick to their resolutions…Option 1) throw them all away. Option 2) dole them out in moderation. Let’s be real. I’m not throwing perfectly good cookies away. This, however, will certainly be a test in moderation!
  • In other news, my niece went to her very first soccer practice yesterday. On the phone today she was recounting the details and then she said, “I want a medal like Auntie Ryan!” Swooooon. Hopefully a trophy will suffice.
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  7. straightarrowlife said: We moderated the hell out of our cookies. We did so well… except last Sunday, when you left me the rest of the berry thing. I ate nearly a whole sleeve of shortbread ones, scooping that thing into my mouth. Ahem. ;)
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