That's mine, thank you.

Hi there, new friends! 

I have quite a few new followers following this business so I’ll take a second to introduce myself. 

My name is Ryan. I’m 28 and I live in Dallas. I am an instructional coach at a charter school. My campus just has pre-k through 2nd grade which means I get to work with the cutest kids ever and I genuinely love what I do. 

But now to the meat of it…

In 2010, I was more than just tired of being obese. I was tired of being unhealthy. So for lack of a better cliche, I decided to was time to reclaim my life (which is where my blog name comes from) and get a handle of my weight, addiction to food, and just everything in general. 

Here are some quick stats: 

  • Pant size 2010: 26
  • Pant size currently: 8 or 10
  • Weight 2010: 275lbs
  • Weight currently (the last time I weighed in a couple of weeks ago): 153lbs
I lost the weight slowly and strategically. I wanted it to stick. You can read all of my thoughts about my weight loss here

Races and exercising: 

  • I’m currently training for my VERY first marathon. I’ll be running the Dallas Marathon on Dec. 8. Color me terrified. 
  • I ran my first half marathon last year. Recap here. It was also a part of the Dallas Marathon so I feel a special connection to this race now. I have the best friends and family who came with the best signs and you can peruse them here
  • Second half marathon will be happening in just over a week!
  • I have a serious thing for Michelle Obama’s arms. That’s why I do “Michelle Monday.” This is simply the day I choose to work on upper body stuff. Admittedly, this has been on a bit of a hiatus with marathon training. 
I should note that the only reason I felt like I was capable of running a half-marathon and a marathon was directly related to a fateful run I had with Jed and follow up conversation with Pa. Ben inspired me to run. Jed and Pa inspired me to run farther. The Davis family is the best. 

Things I’m obsessed with that will absolutely show up here: 

  • Other people named Ryan. Being a female Ryan is often a rarity, but I seem to find other female Ryans (who are the best) and I meet plenty of lovely male Ryans on the reg. If I collected anything, it would be Ryans. 
  • Television - recently New Girl, Breaking Bad, Mindy Project, Doctor Who, and I’m sure a few others have had meme or gif appearances on this here blog lately or at some point. However, I love television and there are many, many other TV shows I watch and love. Currently (re)watching Parks & Rec, The IT Crowd, Louie,  and Portlandia on Netflix.
  • Zooey Deschanel (see above). 
  • Pretty dresses.
  • My family - my niece and nephew in particular. From time to time my fart of a twin brother will get mentioned here. My sister and I will be running a half marathon together in just over a week so she’ll get some face time, as well. My mom is the best. She’s definitely better than your mom. 

I’m sure there’s a lot more to know, but I think you get the picture. Ask questions if you’d like!

Thanks for reading!

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