That's mine, thank you.

Happy Thursday things
  • Tonight was Meet the Teacher and I had to fill in for a pre-k teacher who has yet to be hired. I had a lot of fun interacting with the families.
  • Seeing former students. I don’t care if they’re third graders. They still get the biggest of spinny hugs. And they fucking loved it.
  • One of these kiddos kept coming back and chatting with me and finally whispered, “Ms. Keser, you haven’t met my dad have you? He’s right there…I want you to meet him, but he only speaks Spanish.” I asked if he would introduce me, but he just shook his head and ran back to his mom. He came back to me a couple more times just to say, “That’s my dad! I want you to meet him!” His mom intervened and translated for us. It meant so much to me that it was so important for us to meet even though its been over a year and a half since he was in my classroom. <3
  • My Elsa costume came in for my niece’s birthday. Amazon was quite speedy! Elsa apparently doesn’t lift. The sleeves don’t like my biceps. Not sure if I should size up or just go with it. 

Now, there’s glitter all over my apartment. I’ve tried sweeping twice, but holy hell…that costume…it just covered everything. Marley the Cat and I will likely be extra sparkly for the forseeable future.

This evening has been top notch and helps make the argument that all runs should happen in the morning so as not to interfere with life.

It was a much needed catch up session with Ellen. Hubert (the doggie) pretended to like me when his human went to the bathroom. This is a vast improvement from normal circumstances.

There was also half price whiskey. And one of my drinks was free, although I’m still trying to figure out why.

The best of Wednesdays.

Side by side comparison of yesterday’s run and today’s.

I’m not quite sure what got into my legs but there was a slight breeze and it did seem a tad cooler. No matter what, I’ll take it!

For the second week in a row I’ve had to fit in all my midweek miles into the front half of the week. We have Meet the Teacher tomorrow night which will make for a long day so I’m glad I’ve got them done.

Side note: I defy anyone not to dance in the shower while listening to the new Taylor Swift song (especially after a really good run).

I weighed in this morning. I’m down 0.5lb from last weight in, which really just means I lost the 0.5lb gain from last week. Not too worried about it really. I’ve eaten out a lot more, but I’m doing better about moderation. I feel in control. Plus, training is going well so there’s that. 

Still down 3.5lbs from my original weigh in for 5n5, but not exactly on track to hit 5%. There could be worse things.

Feeling like Superwoman because its not even 8 p.m. and I’ve lifted, eaten dinner, baked a cake, done two rounds of dishes, one load of laundry, watched two episodes of Supernatural, showered, purchased an Elsa costume for my niece’s birthday party, and practiced the ukelele. 

Tuesday, you might be my favorite. 

Tuesday things:

• The Universe gets me. I won’t always get what I put in, but my expectations and standards are my own things and I don’t like to judge others because their standards are different. Nice reminder of my usual mindset.

• It’s also nice to know I get up much earlier than the Universe.

• I ran 3 miles this morning and HOLY NEGATIVE SPLITS, BATMAN! They were slow (for me) miles but I almost never run negative splits. When I do manage them, I feel like a real live runner, y’all.

• My phone has been on the fritz today. Apparently, it doesn’t like all the sweat my armband soaks up. So humid. Everything was moist. Ew.

• Anon should be for crushes who are too bashful to say lovely things to you versus saying mean or judgmental things.

• My car has been in the shop for 7 days and it might be ready this afternoon!!!!!!! Much excitement.

• Today has been pretty good so far and I needed it. Whew.

Happy Birthday Amy!

I hope your birthday doesn’t suck!*

*Sorry for the bad joke. I just had to. 

5 Random Facts

The always lovely Carrie tagged me to share 5 random facts a few days ago. I’m a little late in replying, but here they are!

  1. I am named after a soap opera called Ryan’s Hope from the 70s. Here’s what I’ve been told: Mary Ryan married a man named Jack Fenelli and decided to give her daughter her maiden name. Ryan Fenelli was eventually played by Yasmine Bleeth (of Baywatch fame). This means I’m a Baywatch babe by association, right? 
  2. I worked at a movie rental store for three years in college which has given me a random knowledge about movies (i.e. I have a mental picture of movie covers/boxes). Ex: NO, I have not seen Behind Enemy Lines, but I know Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman are in it, because I can perfectly picture the box. 
  3. Growing up I was the quiet, shy kid who always befriended the new kids in town. As a result, I have a list of people who I was really close with (BFF status in middle/high school) for a short period of time before they got too cool for me. Nerd4lyfe. 
  4. I participated in two (maybe…three?) beauty pageants when I was about three years old. I won a couple of Best Dressed ribbons and (I think) I was a Runner-Up in one of them. What I do remember was that I was given actual trophies AND A TIARA. I really wish I still had them somewhere. 
  5. My mom is from outside Chicago so I grew up a Cubs fan despite living in Texas. I’m more of a Rangers fan now, but will always love the Cubs. My brother, sister, and I got to play catch on Wrigley Field once, play in the dugouts and meet some of the players back in 1993 (I was eight). That included a much smaller, younger, fresh-faced Sammy Sosa. Also, when searching for an “R” name to go with mine, my parents almost went with Ryne (as in Ryne Sandberg). 

I think I may have missed a couple of similar things I was tagged in. Sorry about that! I’ve been a bit swamped with work stuffs. 

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Weekend highlights…

Quality family time and all the polka dots. 

Watching my brother grow up a bit. 

Long run with my sister. 

Peaches & Whiskey Ice Cream floats + good company.

Champagne + BFF + Facetime makes up for having to work on a Sunday.

Good recipes

Some pictures from last night and other stuffs:

• Yesterday we all got together to celebrate my brother in law adopting my niece. However there was a setback in court that we didn’t see coming (although it was very routine thing) so things aren’t official quite yet.

• We still all showed up to express our gratitude towards my brother in law and eat tacos and cake. He’s such an amazing father to my niece and nephew and I never hear him complain about the sacrifice and commitment it takes (I know it’s not an easy job).

• I think I’ll surprise no one by saying that I like a red lip. My niece took notice long ago and asks me to put it on her every time I see her. She even knows where I keep it in my purse. We have a ritual when I leave that I kiss both her and my nephew’s hands so that they can keep my love with them (just like in The Kissing Hand), but yesterday I was the one lucky enough to keep her love with me. ❤️

• I ran 6 miles this morning. My sister came out to run with me and I promised to stay with her. The miles were slow ones for me and involved walking breaks (which I don’t usually do) but you know what? It was totally worth it. Quality sister sweat sesh. Running buddies are the best.

• It’s currently storming and I kind of love it. I need to clean up a bit (i.e. rid my floor of cat hair) and shower before an evening of Parks & Rec with a certain someone. I’m exhausted and glad I have nowhere to be tonight.

On Fridays we wear polka dots.

On Fridays we wear polka dots.